Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In the Country...

Did you remember to feed Tina?

Riding in the country on an old vintage Schwinn loaded for touring may seem daunting until you actually do it. I wanted to showcase the bike as well as the terrain I rode it on. For a 33 year old bike it handles beautifully and absorbs all the shock from the road. The Panaracer Panera tires roll comfortably on the bumpy asphalt and eat up cracks and pot holes on the road. The climbing specific freewheel made the uphills virtually unoticable. Riding in the countryside anywhere is a beautiful experience. Here's a few photos of my trip through Sunnyvale and Garland, Texas. Contrary to popular belief I was not run over by a Ford F150.

Here's an link of a simliar route that goes through this area that you can do.

Find more Bike Ride in Mesquite, TX

The Old Schwinn with horses in the backdrop. What a lovely touring machine.

A big ol' red country barn house. Do you have one of these in your area?

Holy cow! No seriously, cows.

By the Lake

Kearney's Feed Store. They sell all your ranch hand needs.

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