Transform Your Bicycle

Bicycle Restorations and Transformations

I custom restore old bicycles and modernize them to give the bicycle more utility and better performance. If you are a person interested in getting your bicycle restored here locally in North Texas, I would be happy to offer a quote on the cost of restoration. Please keep in mind that these restoration projects take time and a lot of effort and know how. Projects will be priced accordingly to the amount of restoration needed. Here is an example of a custom restoration of a 1979 Schwinn Le Tour.

Here's another restoration I did of an 80's era Schwinn Cruiser

Before and After

My Johnny's Custom Cruiser

My 1980 Schwinn Cruiser Five Custom Restoration

My 1980's themed "Maglia Rosa" custom edition

Restoration Process can include the following:

- Powder coating of frame and fork of your choice of color.
- Assembly and diss assembly of bicycle.
- Surface rust and paint removal
- Cables, cable housing, brake pads and tire replacement
- Parts installation according to customer specifications.

I do restorations, not overhauls. If the bike has rusted through and through or rusted solid, it may not be able to be salvaged by me. Bicycles can be tuned up with the best componentry on the market, as long as the client is willing to cover the costs. For more information or to obtain a quote, please send me pictures of the bicycle forward facing, on it's sides, and the rear of the bicycle.  Also make sure to include what you would like done on  it. I will get back with you with a quote or a realistic response.

I take a lot of joy in getting old bicycles out on the road again. This is a hobby, not a business. Not to say that it might not become that in the future. I want to share my talent with others that might require the same services. I work in person and through Pay Pal only.