Friday, May 25, 2012

The Iron Horse Sinister 6.2 29er- A "sinister" deal at your local Department Stores

Iron Horse Sinister 6.2 29er
Now at a Walmart near you.

Twenty nine inches of full suspension, 160mm  dual disk rotors, 1 1/8 threadless headset, 3 piece crankset and Shimano Alivio rear derailleur. Where? At Walmart? Shut the front door! With an asking price of around $300, this is the first brand outside Schwinn, Mongoose, and Huffy that I have seen Walmart carry in many years. The other day at my local store I saw this bike on the rack and did a double take. Granted, it still has about $50 worth of upgrades but for the asking price of $300 you already have a bike shop quality trail worthy bicycle. 

My recomendations on this bike would be to replace the cup and cone bottom bracket with an alloy or steel sealed bottom bracket (a BB30 would be an overkill on this bike). These usually run around $10 to 20 dollars. The crankset can be upgraded as needed but I highly recommend an upgrade to a full Shimano drivetrain as well as a new front fork for when the Sun Tour has finished doing it's job. Afterwards I believe you will have a bike that will last many years and get many memories out of. The trickle down 29er has finally made it's way to the bottom and here is the result. A bike like this deserves good publicity, and I am happy to showcase it on this short article.


  1. I'm trying to upgrade my sinister 6.2. I'm a noobie at this so what type bottom bracket/ cup and cone, crank set should I get for under $70? My crank arm fell off and destroyed the bracket thing.

  2. Ouch! That doesn't sound good, but for the price point of the bike, these things are to be expected. Not to worry, I have a replacement solution that you can do for under $70. You will need to replace both the bottom bracket and the crankset. I suggest getting a Shimano UN55 sealed cartridge bottom bracket and a Shimano Acera 8 speed triple crankset, square tapered. The spindle length you will need to order the bottom bracket will be 123mm or the next size up or down. Crankset + bottom bracket should cost right under $50 to replace. I order a lot of parts from Amazon, which you can click the link at the bottom of my blog to get to and "tip" me for my advice (I get paid for ad clicks). You will also need a bottom bracket cup for tightening the new bottom bracket and a screw driver and hammer for removing the old one. Remember one side will be reverse threaded. This is usually the drive side. Also, the drive side of the bottom bracket goes in first, as tight as possible. You may have to adjust your front derailleur to shift into the new crankset after you are done with the installation. Let me know if you have any further questions!