Friday, August 5, 2011

Venetian Style Photo-shoots

A Little Piece of Italy In My Own Backyard

As a photographer I try not only to specialize in one thing only. Weddings are a seasonal item and the bulk of good weddings will occur between March and June. This is because, depending on what part of the world you are from, these are the most temperate months of the year. September is another popular Month, and in Texas specifically, there can be warm weather all the way into November. By November, highs can still be in the mid 80s in Fahrenheit. 

So this brings me to my next point, What does one do the rest of the year? Does one simply stop taking pictures? A hobbyist probably will but a professional does not. That is because even when there are no weddings to shoot for the year, a professional is always trying to leave the door open for next year. This involves the process of getting referrals and marketing your business to other potential wedding clients in the future. This can be done, not only at the wedding itself, but in places you know people will be preposing. One such place are the canals in Las Colinas, that happens to be in reasonable distance from me.

I like to say I have a piece of Italy in my own backyard. On an evening stroll through the river walk you can the these gondoliers singing Sinatra or Yanni songs to their star-struck guests on board, which are usually engaged in romantic kissing to even know if he is singing out of key or not. 

Seeing that there were no other photographers around already doing it, I booked a cruise for my wife and I for our 2nd year anniversary. Upon making the reservation I was able to talk to the co-owner of the business (these small businesses are usually family run operations, even the reservationist might be the owner at times). I let them know I was a photographer and would be interested in working with their clients so that they had pictures of their wedding proposals, anniversaries, or other events that they would need a photographer for. This company loved my material and brought me in as their event photographer, and I have been able to build a great relationship with them as well as their clients.

So whether it is an arboretum, botanical garden, river walk, city park, or any other place of considerable beauty that people like to go to prepose, this is an opportunity that is knocking on a photographer's door. If you are a photographer looking for business then stop worrying about search engine ranking and website appearance. Instead go to the people directly and solicit with them. I know other photographer colleagues and competitors with great websites, but no business. This method of marketing works, and it will be a source of extra income in those slow months of wedding photography.

For more information on the work I have done with this company, visit their website

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