Saturday, August 6, 2011

Murray Fredericks- A man after my own Heart

I just watched the PBS documentary Salt and I am so impressed that I feel compelled, no, obligated, to express my awe at what this man has done. Murray Fredericks, an Australian photographer and adventurer, equipped with a touring bicycle that looks like a Surly Pugsley with Large Marge wheels, and a large format 8x10 negative film camera, has combined both passions of mine into an unintended but breathtaking quest. In his biography, he states that the very nature of the locations he shoots are inaccessible to most people which makes for taking  extraordinary measures to get to them. Whatever his line of reasoning, as both a cyclist and a photographer I can't help but to stand googly-eyed, in admiration of his work.

To learn more about Murray Fredericks and his photography, visit his website at

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