Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trans Iowa and gravel grinders- Now I'm happy

I found out about the Trans Iowa by reading an article on Dirt Rag Magazine, a magazine specializing in everything mountain bike and singletrack. Although there are not any real unsanctioned gravel grinder events in my area, I think the Trans Iowa is the pioneer of more events like these to emerge. The concept is real old school. No points, no jersey classifications, no stages. Just a start and a finish line, and 300 to 400 miles of country roads in between. Even the events you have to register to participate are not as expensive as any USAT or UCI sponsored event. There are no rules on what kind of bike you can use; anything goes from cyclocross bikes and mountain bikes to mountain bikes with road bike handlebars and single speeds. There are no on road assists either. You have to carry your own spare tubes and tire pumps. It's a great concept, one that I hope will catch on.

To learn more about the Trans Iowa, visit their website-

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