Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Week's Forecast...And I'm Freezin!

What do you do when your'e a cyclist blogger and the weather has you indoors when you rather be outside riding your bike? Blog about the weather, of course! The weather for riding has not been great around here lately. A few days ago I took off on my bike for seven miles in the cold and light drizzle and felt as if I would have come down with pneumonia had I stayed out in the elements any longer. As I look at other blogs I realize that it's not just me wimping out at this colder than usual February for Texas. The temperatures forecasted for Wednesday onward are the temperatures we are used to having here during this time, 50 to 60's on average and as low as the 40's when a cold front blows through. Instead the temperatures have stayed in the 20's and 30's for almost two weeks now, and I can't wait for another day off and some respite from the cold to de-stress on my bicycle for a few miles.

When I get cabin fever I feel like I'm becoming the Hulk. Not only do I feel like I am gaining more girth in mass from being sedentary but my stress builds like a pressure cooker from the lack of physical activity. The only thing that hasn't happened to me is turning green after two weeks of this weather charade. I try to keep the big guy inside of me by riding on my trainer, learning guitar, drawing and catching up on a few novels still unread in my bookshelf. But as the days wear on the pneumonia inducing cold starts to seep into my optimism and good nature. It's really hard to be in any kind of cheerful mood and suddenly I start looking like the Hulk and acting like the Grinch. I get very touchy during this time, as if it were that special time of the month for me. But I will bite my lip and wait it out until Thursday for Friday, surely then I'll have some time off I can go outside and enjoy the 60 degree weather. 

Yep, this picture sums up the way I feel right about now.

Stay tuned for when the weather warms up. I'll be on my bike riding and writing about my adventures when it's safe to do so. Until then stay warm, catch up on a few books and subscribe to A Bicycle's Point Of View.

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