Saturday, February 15, 2014

Introducing Bike-boarding

Riding a bike to the skate park, Bike-boarding, I guess?

Is it skateboarding, bicycling, or Bike-boarding? Why shouldn't riding a bike to the public skate park, then ride to the local mountain bike trail and then riding home not be considered a multi-level sport, just like all of these biathlons, triathlons and decathlons people are always talking about? So there, I henceforth have invented a new multi-level event that I think I'll call Skate-bikethalon, or bike-boarding, for short.

I have only been to a real skate park a few times since taking up skateboarding as a teenager and I haven't been on my board in years. To say I am a bit rusty is putting it real gently. Nevertheless I had fun, got a good workout and even dropped in the bowl in the kiddie section a few times. Being the oldest guy there I probably got a lot of silent respect from the younger crowd, even if I was skateboarding with a bicycle helmet on.

After skateboarding for a little while I rode 11 miles out into the rural part of Mckinney near the city limits. There I met my friend Abdias at Erwin Park trail for 11 more miles of rigid, off road mountain biking. I was able to find the park by putting my cell phone on a phone mount attached to the handlebar of my bike and using Google navigation by bicycle to get there. I have to say for the most part Google has a great database on how to arrive at destinations by bicycle. 

Arriving at Erwin Park in Mckinney. 

Me, on the left. My friend Abdias on the right.

By the time we were done mountain biking the sun was beginning to set and a light breeze was blowing in from the southwest. Abdias let me ride his draft on the back of his car until we reached a less rural  and more open road. As hard as I tried I could not bring the skateboard back with me. The wind was pushing it like a sail and it nearly fell off of my saddlebag before I had to give it to Abdias for him to take home for awhile. As I rode home in the sunset I was taken aback by the red, fiery clouds that cut like ribbons in the sky against the green, freshly planted fields as I was heading back into the suburbs. It was a cool experience that gave me a chance to relive my youth a little bit and gave me a small weekend adventure to talk about. 

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