Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ye Olde Bike Shop

My New Workspace

This is actually organized for me.
A couple of weeks ago one of my neighbors was having a yard sale and selling all of his tools and workbenches. I snagged this nifty workbench from him for $30. Instead of having all my tools thrown about the place or having to dig around a tool bag to find a crank puller I now have a peg board where I can have all my tools on display when I need them. 

Ooh, Organized!

Henceforth, welcome to the new headquarters of A Bicycle's Point of View! It may be a small and humble office (for now, and this is about as close to an office as I'll ever get) but great innovations tend to come from small spaces. From now on I'll be like a Geppetto bicycle mechanic bringing old, neglected Pinocchio bicycles back to life! Stay tuned for more innovations from my humble workspace.


  1. Nicely done! I have built 3 benches for my garage and still going. I actually have a metal bench in my attic with two pull out drawers for tools if you want to do a trade deal for it. The bench is broken down in several pieces and just needs to be reassembled and used. I used it for 8 years until I built my two wooden benches with loads of storage. Let me know if you need it as it is collecting dust at my house. Cheers!

  2. Hey Greg!

    Thanks for the offer, I am very limited on space otherwise I would consider it. This is enough bench for me at this time but if I free up some more space and can use it I'll keep you in mind. The great thing is that I can now organize my tools and don't have to work off a small foldout display table I bought at Office Depot.

    Next on my list are a solvent parts washer, metal tool box and a MIG welder for when I get into frame building, if that ever happens!

  3. I know what you mean. I have 4 benches in my garage and still do not have enough space! :) I am big into the peg boards as well for hanging tools.....easy to find them when you need them. By the way, check out the European bike I picked up off a scrapper this morning on my blog! Amazing find!

  4. That's an awesome find! I tried to comment about it on your post but your blog doesn't think that I am a human. It should sell for about $300 locally at a swap meet but much more if you sell it in uptown or powder coat the frame. With a glossy black finish I don't see why it couldn't sell for $1k.

    Here's the link to your blog.