Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Is Here!

Picture courtesy of Bike 198

Finally, fall has arrived to this arid part of the world. This morning I was able to put on a light sweater and get a ride in before work today! It was a beautiful day to ride my 18 mile route across the countryside. I averaged slower than normal, however I was also taking in the breeze of the cool morning. For the next three and a half months, we will have some great weather for cycling here in Texas. More posts to follow, now get on your bikes and ride!


  1. Are you going to be at the Garland Bicycle show??? Let me know when you get a chance. Cheers! Greg

  2. I'll probably pop my head in as a spectator but I don't plan on setting a booth this year. However, I do have some restoration pieces I am letting go of (incomplete frames, parts,etc.). Email me and let me know if you're interested.