Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Want to Win A Bicycle Race

I Wanna Win!


Sometimes I feel like Nacho does in this clip. If I ever had past regrets, not winning would be one of them. And while some might be used to winning in a manner that comes almost second nature,  some of us have to work really hard at it, and even still many of us don't get the results we were hoping for. 

I wanna win a bicycle race (insert nacho's "hueen" here).  Even if it's just one lousy criterium with a bunch of guys in their 40's and all I get is a little medal at the end of the race, I'll be happy with just that. I would like something to show for my years of serious cycling and the skills that I have developed. Not that it is necessary for me to win a bicycle race in order to enjoy cycling. Its just the burning desire of "what if I am capable of winning?" that makes me want to compete. Will one win in a local criterium race be a game changer and make a big difference in my life? Probably not. Then again, it might psychologically be the morale boost that I need, to be competent in cycling as well as other aspects of life. 

Winners take charge, they chart their own courses in life and are able to successfully meet their goals and ambitions. Winners win at multiple things, since their drive to win pushes them in every aspect of their lives. I feel like we all need to win at something at least once in our lives, to not settle for second or for runner up. Giving someone an honorable mention is equivalent to saying "nice try, but you didn't win". Winning validates the effort, the time and the costs of the goal one is pursuing. Sometimes people can win as a team, but it's not as rewarding as an individual win. The triumph over the field, the acknowledgement that you were the best one of the day.

Bicycle racing is hard. Staying with the pack is a feat on it's own. Many criteriums can average between 21 to 22 miles per hour. If this is a speed that a rider is incapable of producing and holding for at least 30 minutes, then they might as well not compete. While holding this pace there are also surges when the pack will ride up to 30 miles an hour for brief points to drop all the weak riders. Then there is the tightness of the pack. Crashes are common when riders ride just inches apart and someone fails to hold their line, crashing into the wheel of the person next to them. It can also get expensive. Bicycle racing in the U.S requires the payment of licenses and fees in order to race, not to mention the travel expenses involved. This doesn't change the fact that I would like to try it out and win. Truthfully I picked a hard sport to win at, and I could of probably had a better chance at winning playing basketball or soccer, but there's no prize money or medals awarded for those wins. I want a chance to walk away from a win with something clutched in my hands. 

So there you have it, these are my feelings about winning. I hope this did not make for a completely nonsensical argument about winning and my personal feelings about it, but then again this is why you chose to read my blog. We can all win at something, and I believe the world would be a better place if we all did. I just hope bicycle racing can be one of those things that I can win at.

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