Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting Away on Your bike

There is no better feeling in the world than riding your bike in the late afternoon, the breeze gently touching your face as the last rays of sunlight paint it with an orange glow. Riding your bike is not only relaxing, it is also healthy. I have been riding bikes since I was little. Whenever I needed to get away to that special place, whether it was a small pond or the other side of town, my bicycle was always there to take me. No gas or batteries required, just the power of your legs to get you there. You're not thinking about your unemployment or lack of money or anything else when you ride. In fact, you forget about everything else; you just ride. Nowadays I try to get out and about often on my bike. On Sunday mornings, when all the streets are empty, I can ride my bike 30 miles around the city, hearing nothing but the gears move as I rotate the pedals. This feeling has inspired to replace short trips to the gym or the grocery store with a bike instead of the car I usually drive. Like me, there are others who are starting to take this trend. In my neighborhood alone laws have been set to protect the cycle commuter. There are signs which say "Share the Road" as cars should share the road and yielding to the cyclist. I strongly advocate that anyone who can move toward the lifestyle of cycle commuting.

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